Prices and payment methods vary depending upon the nature of the work undertaken:-

a) Hourly compensation for hourly technical aid or research - (usually for a specific piece of work)

I estimate and charge for my fees based upon hourly rates and expenses, currently as follows:- Standard hourly rate is £30 per hour additional expense reimbursement for travel, certificate fees ( currently £11 per certificate or £7 for pdf copy) etc.

b) Purchase of “tree-line packages” 

Packages will be offered depending upon the number of surnames to be researched. A form for prospective clients to complete setting out the costs and details is attached below:

Research Request Form.docx Research Request Form.docx
Size : 29.394 Kb
Type : docx

c) "Tailor-made" Contract

If preferred, work can be carried out for clients on a tailor-made basis to suit their needs. In this case a contract will be set up on outset, defining the work and limits to be covered as well as defining the fees involved to avoid confusion.

In all cases, before any work is accepted or undertaken a form must be completed by the client, giving details of family names and background information etc. already obtained by the client.

Privacy Policy.doc Privacy Policy.doc
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